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CODSM XenonKing High Intensity Discharge Lighting Kit Group Purchase

Ever longed for better lighting in your DSM or daily driver? Stared jealously at the bejeweled lighting seen on luxury models? Here's your chance to bring a touch of luxury to your car - and give yourself a whole new view of the road.

Presenting the CODSM XenonKing HID Lighting Kit Group Purchase!

Select from McCulloch or Philips brand kits:

  McCulloch Philips
4300k - $375
5000k $270 -
6000k $285 $390
8000k $300 -
10000k $320 -
12000k $330 -

These are high-quality, complete kits!

This Group Purchase is available to all CODSM members, whether you're buying for a DSM or not. Buy a set for your DSM, your daily driver, or as a gift for your parents' 1984 Caddy! Special pricing is even available for an HID kit for your motorcycle! For more information, see XenonKing's website.

Details for ordering will be sent to the CODSM mailing list. If you miss the email, shoot an email to Mike Pedrick for order information.

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